HUB International is proud to offer an exclusive program tailored  for members of the Canadian Guild of Professional Soap and Cosmetic Crafters. All professional members in good standing are eligible to purchase insurance coverage for their operations based on Program Eligibility as outlined below.   

Why We’re a Fit For You: 
We balance the strength of an international firm with the accessibility of a local broker. Locally, HUB offers personal service, individual attention and has the ability to respond quickly to your changing needs.  Collectively, HUB International is a knowledge powerhouse, providing you with tailor-made solutions that are designed by drawing upon our combined skills and expertise.

Program eligibility 
• All products must meet Health Canada safety requirements 
• Must abide by Society Best Practices Guidelines 
• All products must contain warning labels and instructions on the proper use of the products. 
• Quality control and testing procedures for manufactured products must be in place with records kept. 
• Risks with sales into the USA are eligible subject to a maximum of 35% of total sales to the USA. 
• Completed and signed application required prior to binding any coverage under the program. 
Excludes the following products: 
• Drugs Vitamins or Nutraceuticals 
• Acetone based products 
• Aerosol products 
• Invasive body inks 
• Products classified as pharmaceuticals 
• Products imported from foreign countries without product warranties and confirmation of Health Canada approvals 
• Animal food 
• Children’s toys or furniture 
Program Coverage 
• Minimum premiums start at $500 (includes USA  sales) 
• General Liability Limits up to $5,000,000  
• General liability coverage includes: products liability, Non Owned Auto and Tenant Liability. 
• Property coverage for stock/equipment with limits up to $10,000; coverage protects your inventory while in transit or at temporary trade show locations, as well as covers loss business income 
• Legal expense insurance available 
• Privacy Breach/Cyber Liability insurance available