Membership Benefits

Professional Crafter Members are recognized as leaders in the Canadian soap and cosmetic industry.

Benefits include:

Low Cost Business Insurance for all Provinces (Member Favourite)
Discounts with many major Canadian supplier vendors (Member Favourite)
10% off SoapMaker 3 software (Canadian owned software!)
CGSCCC Conference Discounts
Includes Free Business Listing in the CGSCCC Online Directory
Includes your Business Logo and 4 Product Photos in your Business Listing
Includes Google Map in your Business Listing
Local customers can search for and find your business by location
Includes Member Badge
Members only Facebook Group
Right to Vote during Annual Conference


Hobbyist Crafter Members are recognized as the up and coming in the Canadian Soap and Cosmetic industry.

Benefits include:

Discounts with many major Canadian supplier vendors
10% off SoapMaker 3 software
CGSCCC Conference Discounts
Members only Facebook Group


Vendor Members  The benefits for you are the ability to directly access the membership through the Member Discounts page allowing you to make your special offers known to them.  You are also entitled to free advertising in the newsletter and your logo on the front page of the site. For the Trade Show portion of the Annual Conference you will receive discounts on table & booth rates which will save you considerable money. 


10 thoughts on “Membership Benefits”

  1. Hello, I am not sure what category I fit into. I work full time but have been soaping/crafting for 3 years and selling my products as Sunset Soap. This is what I want to do, it’s my hobby for extra money but I want to push it farther and make it what I do full time. Does that make me a professional or just a hobbyist? Also where is the conference located? I have a facebook page

    1. You would sign up as a Professional since you are selling. you can obtain your insurance within a couple of weeks of joining if you are not already insured.

  2. Hello, I`m confused about the cost for a Professional Crafter. I will be making and selling soap and other bath products. What would the cost of my insurance be per year? Also, does this insurance cover products that would be sold outside of Canada.

    1. Hello Heidi. Professional membership costs $75/year. Insurance starts at $500/year for Liability or $650/year for Commercial, both are for $1 million in coverage. If you want, or need, higher coverage then the cost would be higher. Insurance does cover up to 30% US sales, this means that you can sell up to 30% into the USA and be covered. European countries are not covered.

      1. Hello,

        I have a follow-up question. What is the difference between Liability insurance and Commercial insurance?

        1. Hello Iona – Liability insurance is just that, liability only which means should your product hurt someone, commercial insurance covers rental of places of business, this includes Kiosks in malls or tables, insofar as should someone slip on something you made such as lotion, you will be covered, it covers everything that as a business you need including inventory that you are traveling with up to $10,000 and loss of business from such a loss. It also covers non-owned vehicles such as rental vehicles.

          1. Thank you for response! Would commercial insurance also cover bodily injury that might be caused by the application of a product that is made by a participant of a workshop that I teach? Thanks again!

          2. Unfortunately the insurance doesn’t cover workshops or teaching situations. Just selling.

          3. Ok you state above that commercial insurance covers inventory you are travelling with but does it cover your general inventory and stock at your place of manufacture (in my case my home)? Theft, fire, or other accidental loss.

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