Who we are

Founded in 2013, we are Professional Craftspeople who specialize in Soaps, Candles, Lotions, Creams & other personal care products. We are Artisans who create unique products that are usually one of a kind. 

Our Mission Statement

To create an atmosphere of co-operation in order to build a strong market presence.  To bring discounts and fair insurance to all members in order to assist them in running their businesses.  This will help them to develop and grow their business.  We commit to develop a relationship with Health Canada in order to allow us to be involved with decisions that are made affecting our industry directly and indirectly.  We commit to help our members learn Health Canada regulations through workshops that will be offered from time to time as well as at the Annual Conferences.  This is our Mission.

Together we can achieve many great things and we invite you to be a part of this movement.



For Hobbyist Crafters

 Vendor Member Discounts
Annual Conference Discounts
Hobbyist Member badge
and much more!


For Professional Crafters

All the benefits of Hobbyist
plus Free Business Listing with Google Map
Professional Member Badge
and much more!


For Shoppers

Find Canadian made soaps,
candles and cosmetics.

Connect with local crafters


For Suppliers

Offer exclusive discounts to members
Annual Conference Tradeshow Discounts
Connect your product to crafters
and much more!


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    1. You can find your membership number by going into your original order that you used when you got your membership. I have sent you an email as well with your membership number in it to help you out.

    1. You log into the site and then go to “For Members”. In there you will find the discounts and insurance information.

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